Our Brand Statement

Marly & Dutch Clothing Company, LLC is an apparel brand that creates wearable collections of words, art and graphics. All designs are produced for stylish communities worldwide who share admiration for casual streetwear culture. Delivering quality products with a focus to inspire and connect fashion to those who choose to display their identity through modern street style.  


Our Brand Story

"These aren't just words, this is, Art". I've always had an admiration for fashion, particularly streetwear. Majority of streetwear designs and visuals I've encountered throughout multiple stages of my life did not match the desire or style I wished to connect with. It's important for me to share some of the art, reimagined through fashion. Fast forward to the birth of Marly & Dutch. 

Growing up wearing modest brand names(lows) and high end labels(highs), I was influenced by the best of both worlds. Combining subtle Art, powerful Words and eye-catching Graphics - the brand is the complete trifecta. Coming “from nothing to something” and remaining determined to not let lifelong dreams go to waste - Marly & Dutch introduces a premium streetwear brand that displays fashion, courage and identity to the world.


Streetwear model in Marly & Dutch Clothing Co. Black Biker T-shirt

These aren't just words, this is Art. 

-Creator of Marly & Dutch Clothing Co.